Monday, December 23, 2013

Mission Field: Week 32 Merry Christmas!!!

23 Decemeber 2013


By the way Sis. Turner is in my district and I have met every one of those other sisters.  It’s kind of weird.

So, this week we have had a great week and have been having loads of success.  We are going for 4 batizmos esta semana (baptisms this week).  It will be great and then I will tell you all next week, about some other stuff!!  But it’s a surprise! :)   Ok well I have to go but I will send another email Wednesday.

Merry Christmas!!

Love, Elder Stratton

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mission Field: Week 31

NOTE:  We just updated Elder Strattons blog from Week 23 to Week 31.  We have been having problems the last few weeks putting anything on.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Make sure you read all the letters.  Exciting things happened along with a miracle or two!!   Also, look for some new pictures (Picture tab) , Elder Stratton sent.

16 December 2013

Well Hello Family!!

  So this will be super short because I’m having some internet problems, but yaw.  So I wrote a nice big letter, but this computer is really dumb and got rid of it.

  Ok, so we have had a great week and I love my new area and companion, Elder Mercradi is the best.  We have lots of fun and we already have had 3 baptisms!!  I will talk more about them next week though.

  Ok, well I’m out of time again, I’m sorry this was short and I will fill you in about this last week next Monday.

  We are doing great here in Africa!! ;)

Love Elder Stratton

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mission Field: Week 30 Transfers!

10 December 2013

Well Hello Family:) 

   I’m not sure how long this will be....

  So this week was crazy.  So, I found out I was getting transferred half was through last week and so I was getting all packed and ready to go.  Then Sunday comes and we get a call and it says I’m leaving for Praia and I’m going to be District Leader with my comp.  So I was pretty happy and excited.  So then yesterday happened ha-ha... so we got up and did prep day sports with the other elders, and I was supposed to leave for the plane at 1:30pm and then I got a call that said the flight changed, its now at 4pm, so I was like ok, I have some time.  So at around 12:30pm I got another call and it said hey the taxi will be at your house in 10 minutes to take you to the airport and your flight change back to 1:30pm.  Man, so crazy and weird!! So I ran home and got ready to go in 10 minutes and we get to the airport and find out the flight got canceled.  Man, it was so funny.  The zone leaders were going crazy because of all the changes.  But we finally got to Praia and to my house and now life is great! :)  But it’s really cool because this is the only mission in the world you will fly for transfers!  So lucky!! Ha-ha  But yaw, it’s been really crazy and I love this place and what I do!

  Well have a great week and have lots of fun with Christmas prepping!!  

Love y’all!

Love Elder Stratton ;=

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mission Field: Week 29

2 December 2013

Well Happy DEC. and break out the Christmas Music!!!! 

  Well thanksgiving was good, we had rice and beans, but we will make up for it today, because we got some sword fish from some guy on the street!! Man it will be good!  Glad your thanksgiving was good and such.

  A new horse! What the Sam hill is going on there!  Ha-ha  I bet it was a surprise for her (Nakiah).  Gosh, ha-ha  That’s cool!

  So we had a good week this week.  We got Aritdson baptized, so that was the highlight of the week.  I will send some pics afterwards, but he is such a boss!  Gosh, he is great!  So we baptized him and after the baptism, he went teaching with us for the next 3 hours!!  He will for sure be a leader here in the church one day ha-ha  I feel so privileged to have been able to baptize him.  I’m so happy for him ha-ha, it’s cool. I love baptisms, they just help you remember yours so much more.

  And we started teaching some other guys yesterday, that’s a funny story. So we are walking and they are like ‘hey teach us’, so we go to their house and start teaching and they stop us in the middle of the lesson and say "Can we still be taught, if we are gang members?"  Man, they are members of a pretty big gang here and it was so funny, because we are like ‘Well yaw that’s what we do is teach’ and they are like ‘Yelp, we are going to get along just fine’ :) and then they promptly told of that if anyone tries to rob us, just tell them and they will get all the stuff back for us.  Ha-ha, so cool :) and then one of them told all the other gang members to keep an eye out for us and if we need help to help us.  Ha-ha  Man it was cool, but I think we will baptize them in 3 weeks :)  I’m happy, but that’s life for us right now :)

Have a great week and I love you all!!

Love Elder Stratton, from the best mission on earth!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mission Field: Week 28

25 November 2013

Well, this week in the Life of Elder Stratton...

  We walked and talked and then did it over again!  ha-ha  It’s a great life!

  In other news, we are starting a prep thing, so what happened in the Philippines doesn’t happen here, so that should be fun!

  We taught lots.  We are working lots with less actives right now and I hope we get the benefits of it in, the next few weeks and stuff.  But I’m ready for some batizmos, because it has been a long time and I don’t like not baptizing, so yaw.

  Yulp, that’s my life.  Oh, and any questions can be sent to me at this email address.:)  

  Ha-ha,  Oh and it’s turkey day this week!!  So eat something for me.  

  I have 1 month till I can talk to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Stratton

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mission Field: Week 27

18 November 2013


  Ha-ha  Well life is great here and I’m having a blast still.

  I had some great things happen this week and I hope to see the fruits of them in 2 weeks.  We met some amazing people this week and are starting to teach them and they look like they will be great!!

  So they had the carnival party yesterday...ha-ha Let’s just say we went home early, but the sad part is it is only the first of lots of them.  It’s going to be interesting the next 3 months with lots of parties and stuff.  

Well Aritdson wasn’t baptized, because he drank some coffee, so we are doing it this week, but man he is a boss.  So cool and he asks so many questions.  He is so good!!  And that’s about all that happened this week

  We are going to be working a lot more with inactive members now though and the ward is fully behind us to help, so it’s pretty cool!

  Well I love you all and have a great week!!!

Elder Stratton

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mission Field: Week 26

11 November 2013

Whelp this week was crazy!

  So, we started the week off really nice.  We were working good, getting lots of lessons and new investigators and such and then, the last 2 days happened.

  So first thing, I had the best clam in the world yesterday.  So good and tender and everything and no sand.  Yaw it was good.

  Then on Saturday, we went to a less actives b-day party, ha-ha, man is was so cool, I will have to show you all what they do when I’m back, but we had fun and got some work done.

  Then yesterday night, we were sitting on a curb teaching and some drunk guy comes and starts talking to us and we are like ‘hey voce precisa a sair agora’ (‘you need to leave now’) and he looked at me and said ‘I want to fight you’ in English.  Ha ha-ha  We are like ‘WHAT????’  ha-ha and he took a step for me and some guy on the street came, picked him up and said ‘Dont touch Elders!’.  Ha-ha, it was sooooo funny, but, then we were still there talking a little latter and another drunk dude comes and is like ‘I want to sing to you’ and we are like ‘OK!  So he started and he was sooooo bad!
Ha-ha We sat there laughing at him and he laughed to.  But he was so loud and we are right next to an open window.  The owner comes out and says ‘Cala Boca’ (Shut Up), to him.  The drunk guy stops and just starts swearing in English at him and we are like, "Is this happening right now"??  But, yaw, funny stuff.

  We had some weird things happen this week and some really cool stuff happen too, but that’s for another time.  Hope all is well for you guys and you’re doing good.

Well, have a good week!! 

Love Elder Stratton

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mission Field: Week 25

4 Nov 2013

Well Hello Again family!!

  Well, this week has been really good and I’ve gotten to realize lots of things.

  First, if we obey rules we are blessed.

  Second, do what we are told to do.  Man, so we took over an area and the Elders didn’t do their Area Book, so I spent lots of time this last week walking, trying to find people. Ha-ha it’s hard. But, we had lots of fun!

  Third, I have the best family in the world.  Ha-ha, it’s so nice to know I have you all behind me!  I can show a picture of us all and people here get really excited and want to hear all about you, it’s really cool, and I love it!  But, when things aren’t going well here, I still love it and I’m learning sooo much!

  If anyone is even thinking about a mission I have 2 words. DO IT.  It will change your life for the better and things you can’t even dream of will happen in your life.  

Well I love you all and I hope and pray for the best for you all.  Thank you for all you have done for me and you are all so great!

Love, Elder Stratton

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mission Field: Week 24

28 October 2013

Well this was a good week!

We had a really good week this week and had lots of fun teaching.  We should have 2 batizmos, (baptisms), next week so that’s great!

We made it through transfers, so that’s good!  We taught some guy this week, he is really interested, but before we got his name, he got up and left!  We were like ‘What the heck?  What just happened?’  Makes time fly here, on the mission and life just goes on.

It’s really nice here, I love Cape Verde and I’m really happy with what I do.  I know this is the best way to help others.

Sorry for this being so short.  The computer turned off and didn’t keep my draft!  So that’s the way it goes I guess. 

Love you all and talk next week!

Love, Elder Stratton

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mission Field: Week 23

Hello Fam,

Well this week has been a pretty hard week and such.  But, we are doing good here in Mindelo!  

OK, so our investigators are doing well, but we did have a sad thing happen this week.  We are teaching a family and we came one night and we found out the boyfriend beat her that day.  But they are staying together.  So sad, because she can do so much better, but that’s the way life is over here.  And missionaries can’t do anything about it.  But, we are doing the best we can, finding new people and stuff.  So, we should have 1 person ready for baptism this next 2 weeks.  We are trying really hard with them.

I hope things are going well for you all and I’m happy for everything that’s going on with you all.  Well, have a great week.  This next week I will send a better e mail.  Its transfers this week, so we will see what happens!

Elder Stratton

(Check out the really neat pictures under the "Picture" tab, scroll all the way to the bottom.)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mission Field: Week 22

Well Hello Everyone!

   Mindelo is really cool.  I love it here.  It is a little harder than Sal, but I’m looking forward to it here!  The training is going really well and we are both learning lots.  The teaching is harder, but we are doing good on it.  We walk lots here in Espia, but I get to see lots of pretty things and meet tons of amazing people.  So, it’s all good!  

   We are teaching a few people right now.  One is a guy that just got out of jail and wants to change his life around; then, we have Alexander, he has been taught everything and he likes it all, but he won’t come to church; then, we have a family and they are cool.  We just started teaching them this week, so we will see how it goes.  It’s going great here.  I love what I do and why I do it.  

 I love you all.  I know without a doubt this is the true church.  I've seen miracles and blessings from the Lord every day.  I know the Book  of Mormon is true and by reading it, we can build our testimonies.  Well, have a great week and I love you all!!

Love, Elder Stratton

Monday, October 7, 2013

Mission Field: Week 21 Transfer!!!!

Well, Hello Family!!  Well, this has been a week!

So, it started off normal and all, then, Wednesday came and my world went upside-down.  I got transferred in some special transfers, so now I’m training in the city off Mindelo, (Sao Vicente) and I white washed the area, so this will be a really fun transfer and such.  But, I don’t have much time and I’m just getting settled into the new area and getting everything going and done.  But I shall give you much more info on this place, next week in another letter.  By the way, Conference was really good and I can’t wait to hear it in English!!  So, the Church is true, the Gospel blesses lives, and life is always great, if we look for it!!

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Stratton

(Look for new pictures under the "Picture" tab)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Mission Field: Week 20

Finally, got the letter!

Well, Hello Everyone!!

Well, this has been a really crazy week!  So, we had the mission president here and we were able to learn a lot about how to teach better and more clearly.  It was really good!  Teaching was really good, we taught a guy named Kevin and he gets everything really well and we marked a date with him, so it should turn out good!  Oh another cool thing!  We bought a blender!  So we have had lots of smoothies, so it’s pretty cool!  We are all really excited for conference this weekend and can’t wait to hear the prophet!  It’s what we have been looking forward to for a long time and now it’s here.  Remember to have a question, because Heavenly Father will answer it through the prophets!  And prepare to receive revelação (revelation).   Well, have a good week!

Elder Stratton

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mission Field: Week 19

Mon, Sep 23, 2013
Well, this last week was pretty rough. Ha-ha, it started out great and we were working lots and getting lots of work done but, then on Saturday my comp, (companion), got sick and we stayed home.  Then, on Sunday, I got sick with food poisoning and, so, we stayed home again.  It was pretty bad, but we are all good now and getting back to work.  But, we taught some good lessons this week; one of them was really good.   We are teaching a girl named Elga and  it started off slow with teaching, but then the spirit came really strong and she accepted batizmo (baptism), so that was cool.   Mario’s dad still hasn’t said yes to batizmo, but we are still trying. :)  Cool thing, we saw a huge plane yesterday with an American flag on it and then, we read the side and it was Air Force One!!  Pretty cool for us to see a plane from the US!  Well, I hope you all have a good week and have fun!   I love you all and hope the best for you.

Love, Elder Stratton

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mission Field: Week 18

Well it has been a fun week!

  Well, Elder Taylor and I are having lots of fun here in Sal and the work, its going great. We are finding new people all the time and are expecting a wedding this transfer, so I’m pretty excited!  We plan on getting lots of dates marked this week and working with the branch to help it grow.  I’m glad I’m able to be here and help these people!

  In other news, well there isn’t really anything else so it’s kind of slow.  So, the cinnamon rolls were really good and everyone loved them, ha-ha, that’s all we ate for 3 days, so we have put on a little weight :)   So, we are going running tomorrow, it will be fun.

  I hope everything is going well for you guys!  I love it here!  It’s so cool and I’ve gotten to grow so much.  It’s amazing how when we let everything happen and look for the good, how much we can learn.  We may not see the big picture, but we have someone guiding us that does and that’s all we need.  Well, have a good week and I love you all!!!

Love Elder Stratton

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mission Field: Week 17

8:05 AM
Well, this last week was a really good week!

Elder Taylor and me are really getting going here in Sal and we want the best for it! Mario wasn’t batizado, (baptized), last week, because his dad didn’t give permission for it. But, his mom did, so we are going to see how this turns out :)  We were able to do splits with the Lideres da zona, (zone leaders), and it went really well.  Both of us learned a lot!  Life in the mission is going really well and I can’t wait to see what this week brings us:)  Well, our investigators are doing well and we are working with lots of them so that’s good:)  All in all Sal is fun. :)

Oh, tell Sister Beals her cinnamon rolls have been made in Africa now, so that’s cool. :)

 I hope all is going well for you guys and life is happy:) remember to read the scriptures we can find the answer to all questions in them and we can learn even more from them:)

Love, Elder Stratton

       *Check out this week's pictures, under "Picture" tab.  Scroll all the way to Mission Field: Week 17.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Mission Field: Week 16

Caleb Stratton <>
Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 5:54 AM
Ok,  so this is going to be really short this week and I’m sorry.  So this week has been pretty good.  We had a lot more lessons this week and are teaching more.  So we have been teaching Joao and Albertina and they are great!  Joao told us that when we came to his door, he was going to tell us not to come back, but something touched his heart and now he knows why. He said that he knows the Church is true and is living all the commandments.  He is the best!  His wife, we have talked to once and she is already a good way through the Book of Mormon already, so that is really cool!  We’re really, really blessed for getting to teach them.

In other news, it rain all night the other day and it was really nice!  But, it was really humid the next day, so, oh well.  But, we have been having lots of fun.  Well have a great week! 

Love, Elder Stratton

Monday, August 26, 2013

Mission Field: Week 15

Well, this week has been really good!

The work is moving and it’s going good.  We were able to mark 3 dates for batizmo, (baptism), this week and we are really working!  It’s so much better when we work really hard, because the Lord really blesses us for it.  We are still working with all the old investigators, but we are getting new ones to.

Ok so that’s about it for here.  Ok, so for Noah, WAY to go!  That’s awesome bud!  So I don’t have a lot this week, but I plan on having a good email next week! I hope you all have fun and stay safe!

Love always,

Elder Stratton

*See 'Pictures' tab, for this week's pics. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mission Field: Week 14

Hello Everyone!

Well, life in Africa it going on pretty smooth I guess.  OK, so this last week was a story!  To start off with, we ran out of water in the house, so we have to buy our water now.  We take bucket showers they are pretty nice. :)   But, we still don’t have water in the house, so it’s fun times here.

Then, one of the new elders that’s with us, got sick, (everyone gets it it’s like initiation), he wasn't feeling to good at all for a few days.  The first night he was sick, we got 1/2 hour of sleep, because we were helping him all night.  But, he is better now, so it’s all good.  :)

Then, we marked 3 dates for batizmo, (baptisms), so that fun to.   Its vacation season here so everyone it gone now we had 35 people in church yesterday there are usually 75, so, it’s slow here right now!   

Oh and by the way if you could send recipes that would be great.  We make the same things every week and I have decide there will be NO rice in my house, when I’m older.   But, ya its fun here and it is getting hot, but hey, its mission life.  

So as missionaries, we ask people to keep commitments and pray to know the things we teach are true.  So I was doing this, because you can’t ask others to do stuff you haven’t done.  So, I was praying about having more confirmation that this is the true church and this is what I’m to be doing at this point in life.  And after the prayer I opened up the scriptures to a random page and it was section 6 of Doctrine &Covenants.  As I was reading, I realized this scripture WAS my answer from Heavenly Father.  I know without a doubt that this is the true church.  I know I am doing what the Lord wants me to at this time.  I have seen people change there lives for the better and how much they are blessed for it.  I have seen people healed from sickness and afflictions.  There is no way that this is not the true church.  I love what I do and I’m happy to do it.  I am honored to be a disciple of the ONE TRUE GOD.   May heavenly Father bless you all.

Love, Elder Stratton

PS:   the pics are of a bar in our area, that’s pretty cool. (see "Pictures" tab, scroll to Week 14 at bottom).

Doctrine and Covenants

Section 6

Revelation given to Joseph Smith the Prophet and Oliver Cowdery, at Harmony, Pennsylvania, April 1829. Oliver Cowdery began his labors as scribe in the translation of the Book of Mormon, April 7, 1829. He had already received a divine manifestation of the truth of the Prophet’s testimony respecting the plates on which was engraved the Book of Mormon record. The Prophet inquired of the Lord through the Urim and Thummim and received this response.
1–6, Laborers in the Lord’s field gain salvation; 7–13, There is no gift greater than the gift of salvation; 14–27, A witness of the truth comes by the power of the Spirit; 28–37, Look unto Christ, and do good continually.
 A great and amarvelous work is about to come forth unto the children of men.
 Behold, I am God; give heed unto my aword, which is quick and powerful, bsharper than a two-edged sword, to the dividing asunder of both joints and marrow; therefore give heed unto my words.
 Behold, the afield is white already to harvest; therefore, whoso desireth to reap, let him thrust in his sickle with his might, and reap while the day blasts, that he may ctreasure up for his soul everlasting salvation in the kingdom of God.
 Yea, whosoever will thrust in his sickle and reap, the same isacalled of God.
 Therefore, if you will aask of me you shall receive; if you will knock it shall be opened unto you.
 Now, as you have asked, behold, I say unto you, keep my commandments, and aseek to bring forth and establish the cause ofbZion;
 aSeek not for briches but for cwisdom, and behold, thedmysteries of God shall be unfolded unto you, and then shall you be made erich. Behold, he that hath feternal life is rich.
 Verily, verily, I say unto you, even as you adesire of me so it shall be unto you; and if you desire, you shall be the means of doing much bgood in this generation.
 Say nothing but arepentance unto this generation; keep my commandments, and assist to bring forth my work, according to my commandments, and you shall be blessed.
 10 Behold thou hast a gift, and blessed art thou because of thyagift. Remember it is bsacred and cometh from above—
 11 And if thou wilt ainquire, thou shalt know bmysteries which are great and marvelous; therefore thou shalt exercise thy cgift, that thou mayest find out mysteries, that thou mayest bring dmany to the knowledge of the truth, yea, econvince them of the error of their ways.
 12 Make not thy gift known unto any save it be those who are of thy faith. Trifle not with asacred things.
 13 If thou wilt do agood, yea, and bhold out cfaithful to the dend, thou shalt be saved in the ekingdom of God, which is the greatest of all the fgifts of God; for there is no gift greater than the gift ofgsalvation.
 14 Verily, verily, I say unto thee, blessed art thou for what thou hast done; for thou hast ainquired of me, and behold, as often as thou hast inquired thou hast received instruction of my Spirit. If it had not been so, thou wouldst not have come to the place where thou art at this time.
 15 Behold, thou knowest that thou hast inquired of me and I did enlighten thy amind; and now I tell thee these things that thou mayest know that thou hast been benlightened by the cSpirit of truth;
 16 Yea, I tell thee, that thou mayest know that there is none else save God that aknowest thy thoughts and the bintents of thycheart.
 17 I tell thee these things as a witness unto thee—that the words or the work which thou hast been writing are atrue.
 18 Therefore be diligent; astand by my bservant Joseph, faithfully, in whatsoever difficult circumstances he may be for the word’s sake.
 19 Admonish him in his faults, and also areceive admonition of him. bBe patient; be sober; be temperate; have patience, faith, hope and charity.
 20 Behold, thou art Oliver, and I have spoken unto thee because of thy desires; therefore atreasure up these words in thy heart. Be faithful and bdiligent in keeping the commandments of God, and I will encircle thee in the arms of my clove.
 21 Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the aSon of God. I am the same that came unto mine bown, and mine own received me not. I am theclight which shineth in ddarkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.
 22 Verily, verily, I say unto you, if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might aknow concerning the truth of these things.
 23 Did I not speak apeace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater bwitness can you have than from God?
 24 And now, behold, you have received a awitness; for if I havebtold you things which no man knoweth have you not received a witness?
 25 And, behold, I grant unto you a gift, if you desire of me, toatranslate, even as my servant Joseph.
 26 Verily, verily, I say unto you, that there are arecords which contain much of my gospel, which have been kept back because of the bwickedness of the people;
 27 And now I command you, that if you have good desires—a desire to lay up atreasures for yourself in heaven—then shall you assist in bringing to light, with your gift, those parts of mybscriptures which have been hidden because of iniquity.
 28 And now, behold, I give unto you, and also unto my servant Joseph, the akeys of this gift, which shall bring to light this ministry; and in the mouth of two or three bwitnesses shall every word be established.
 29 Verily, verily, I say unto you, if they areject my words, and this part of my gospel and ministry, blessed are ye, for they can do no more unto you than unto me.
 30 And even if they ado unto you even as they have done unto me, blessed are ye, for you shall bdwell with me in cglory.
 31 But if they areject not my words, which shall be established by the btestimony which shall be given, blessed are they, and then shall ye have joy in the fruit of your labors.
 32 Verily, verily, I say unto you, as I said unto my disciples, where two or three are gathered together in my name, asatouching bone thing, behold, there will I be in the cmidst of them—even so am I in the dmidst of you.
 33 aFear not to do bgood, my sons, for whatsoever ye csow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow dgood ye shall also reap good for your ereward.
 34 Therefore, fear not, little aflock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are bbuilt upon my rock, they cannot prevail.
 35 Behold, I do not condemn you; go your ways and asin no more; perform with soberness the work which I have commanded you.
 36 aLook unto me in every bthoughtcdoubt not, fear not.
 37 aBehold the wounds which pierced my side, and also the prints of the bnails in my hands and feet; be faithful, keep my commandments, and ye shall cinherit the dkingdom of heaven. Amen.