Monday, November 18, 2013

Mission Field: Week 27

18 November 2013


  Ha-ha  Well life is great here and I’m having a blast still.

  I had some great things happen this week and I hope to see the fruits of them in 2 weeks.  We met some amazing people this week and are starting to teach them and they look like they will be great!!

  So they had the carnival party yesterday...ha-ha Let’s just say we went home early, but the sad part is it is only the first of lots of them.  It’s going to be interesting the next 3 months with lots of parties and stuff.  

Well Aritdson wasn’t baptized, because he drank some coffee, so we are doing it this week, but man he is a boss.  So cool and he asks so many questions.  He is so good!!  And that’s about all that happened this week

  We are going to be working a lot more with inactive members now though and the ward is fully behind us to help, so it’s pretty cool!

  Well I love you all and have a great week!!!

Elder Stratton

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