Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week 4: MTC 4

OK, so some changes have happened this week.  Due to the crazy amount of people at the MTC, (6000 of them), our P-day has been moved to Friday.  So, I will e-mail you on Friday to!!:)  Things have been going good here, it's going by really fast!  Well, I can give 3 lessons in Portuguese, so that's fun!  The food is still nasty, but it's food...   BTW (by the way), the Cinnamon Rolls you sent were SOOOOOOO good!  Thanks so much, it made my day so much better!   Well, my time is short so I  have to go, but I will have an hour to talk on Friday!!

Love you all, thanks for the support and remember "act in Faith and with confidence that the lord will hear you and nothing can stand in your way".

Elder Stratton :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 3: MTC 3

OK, so this last week was a crazy week.

So first are the bad things.  I got food poisoning.  Yes, it was horrible and no not because the orange juice. They had chicken that night and I woke up in the middle of the night, ran to the bathroom and puked.  (not a fun thing), so we went to the heath office the next day.  They said get in line and come to find out the cafeteria didn't cook a couple pans of chicken all the way through, so needless to say, they got a lot of people sick.  Now for the good news!!!!

So, we had devotional on Tuesday and for some reason our district felt like we should go get in line early :) Well, we got in line and we noticed they had security everywhere, so we are like, "oh that's Shicky" (slag for funny for you gringos), and so, our sisters had us elders run through the crowd and get 5th row seats.  Well, here's the fun part.  We were all sitting there and guess who walks it?!   Richard G. Scott!!  So, he was giving his talk on prayer and all the sudden he just changes his subject that he's talking about and starts talking about us and how we are called of God and he knows us and the Lord prays for us, (ya way cool I know!!).  So, then he give us a apostolic blessing that we will master our languages and he finishes up his talk. (So, here's the fun part!).  So, we sing the closing song and the sister goes up to pray and what happens?  Oh well, Elder Scott runs up to the pulpit, tells her to sit down and says " I need to tell you some more stuff" !!!  So cool!  So what does he say?  Well, he tells us that God knows each of us, that our calls are from God and we are a special section of missionaries and we have a great work to do that has never been done before on this earth.  He said we will find out what that is while on our missions.  Then, he blesses us again with another blessing and he ends his talk.  So, we pray and we file out of the building and our group goes to see him drive away.  Well, he waves at us and tells us he loves us, it was so cool!  BTW (by the way),  I will send the second letter to this later today.

Later . . PART 2:

Alright, so, that was the fun thing of the week, so it was cool:)  So, I'm glad thing are going well for you guys.  Things are going great up here too, life is pretty nice.  Well, the food is getting old, but that's why we go eat at the temple on P-Days! ;)   We are all learning the language pretty well and things are good.  So, I did find out that the course of my flight will probably be from SLC to Boston, an 8 hour layover there, then 10 hour flight to London, 8 hour layover there, then a 12 hour flight to Cape Verde.  Sad thing to hear about the Boston marathon.  What a horrible thing for people to do.
Eu se que Jesus cristo e nos redentator e salvador, eu se que o evangelho e verdadiro e espirito santo e deus mouthpiece por nos on terra mana eu nome jesus cristo amen.

(I know that Jesus Christ is the redemer and Savior, I know the Gospel is true, and the Holy Ghost is God's mouth piece for us on earth.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.)

love, Elder Stratton 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 2: MTC 2

Well Familia, it’s been a pretty good week here,

I'm glad you guys are doing good, life here is becoming a routine so it's easier, but harder at the same time. I found out that I'm the only Elder in the MTC going to Cape Verde right now, we do have 3 sisters though too. The language is coming along but it has its ups and downs. We had a really cool devotional on Sunday and the missionary media director come and spoke to us, the church is heavily invested into ads. They are starting a Mormon.org campaign in London right now and it is sooo cool to see what the Church is doing.

Tell the Heywood's yes i did get the jackets, and thank you soooo much! I got a letter from Bro. Miller and that was really nice. Have you guys put my email address up on Facebook and my blog? If not it's caleb.stratton6@myldsmail.net 

We are allowed to email anyone now, and even better we now have 60 min for emailing!!! The food here is getting old, we have the same things week after week. :P The ice cream is good though! It’s really fun here most of the time. We are washing clothes right now so I'm waiting on that. So from what I've heard I will fly out on a Monday or Tuesday to Atlanta, have an 8 hour layover and then fly straight to Cabo Verde (long flight), but we will find out if that's for sure in 2 weeks.

The MTC is packed. We got up at 4 am to wash and there are still lines. It’s pretty crazy really! This summer they are really worried about where everyone is going to fit. Well there's a line for the computer so I had better go.

LOVE you all and thanks for everything!!
Elder Stratton

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 1: MTC 1

Ok so Tuesday is my p-day so that’s cool! Things are going great! So much has happened that I can’t explain! I will be here for 6 weeks so I will be out on the 14th or 15th of May.

I saw Cade Mortenson so that was cool.

I need some running shoes Kaylee knows the ones. I can wear the ones I have here; they don’t like the look of them. I need some pens and highlighters because those are really expensive here.

Can you put this email on my blog and Facebook? Tell people to “Dear Elder” that’s so easy and it’s fun to get letters!

Conference was good I liked Pres. Eyring's the best :) It’s really fun up here and am loving it! I gave a blessing the other day and the words to it just popped into my head it was so cool! The spirit is so strong here and everyone has a good attitude. My companions are elder D. and Elder K. They are pretty cool but I think I weird them out haha :) Our sisters are fantastic! We have us three boys and 8 sisters in our group so that’s kind of interesting I’m the only guy going to Cabo Verd but I have 3 sisters going with me as well so that’s fun. Everyone else is going to Portugal.
The language is going great we have taught 2 lessons in all Portuguese since we got here and its soooooo cool to speak.

We can’t call home for mother’s day so that’s a bummer :( but I can call from the airport and I can talk longer then! Send a calling card and that will help. They are really expensive here. I hope Chantille and Malin are doing good!  He can’t have too much fun with my gun though ;) Kaylee and Jacob sound like they are crazy as usual so that’s good. Hey Noah I hope you’re doing ok :) I love you and can’t wait till you get to go on your mission :) it is so cool! You are the best little bro ever and I love you SO much :) Nakiah I hope you are doing good to I hope track is good and school is to. I love you and remember who you are! It is so important in today’s world to remember that! I don’t know Emily’s email so if I can get that that would be nice. Mom I hope things are going well for you to and your shoulder is feeling better! I love you so much and thank you for all you do! Dad I’m so glad you taught me how to work it has helps soooo much! I hope work is going well and your body is treating you right. I love you :) oh and we can email anyone now so that is awesome! Say hi to the dogs for me! It’s snowing here and I don’t like it. It’s cold. Send a jacket if you can. The lightest thing you can find though. Tell everyone I’m doing good :)

Remember what Pres. Eyring said in his talk, that if I work hard and am obedient in the Lord's service our family will be blessed! Well I’m working as hard as I can so you should be getting some blessings coming your way! I know for a fact you will get some. I know Heavenly Father live and love us. He cares about our every need and will never lose track of us. Keep praying and studying the scriptures they hold gold in them. Time’s up so got to go.

I love you all and I’m so blessed to have a family like you all! Stay faithful and humble.

~Elder Stratton!!:)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Off He Goes!

Elder Stratton got on the plane this morning, headed off to his Missionary Training Center adventure. He was a little tired from getting up so early, but was full of excitement and anticipation. We all gave him hugs, and a few tears were shed, but we sent him off knowing the Lord will take good care of His servants. 

Again, look at the "Contacting Caleb" tab for the most up to date address and rules for sending him mail. PLEASE ABIDE THE RULES. We have not set them, the Church has. 

We look forward to the growth and blessings that are to come upon Elder Stratton in these next few years, and are grateful for the constant hand of our Savior in his life. 

This blog will be updated once a week for the next two years.