Monday, August 25, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 67 - First Week on the New Island!

                                                                 25 August 2014

So, this is the only letter I'm sending for everyone this week.

    Maio is Catholic.

    And when i say that, I mean slam the door in your face and tell you never to come back.  Yup, that was my life for the past week and it was awesome!!!  ha ha  I love it here.

   So, teaching is a lot slower here than any other island.  They had some parties on the beach this last week and because of that there was nobody home from 4 until 8 pm, so it was hard to teach here, but it ended this last week and I think it will be all good now, but we will see!!  

   Also, the Zone Leaders will be coming here this week, so we should get 2 times the work done which is great!! 

   Well, I'm still trying to find a place to send pictures at, but until then, I love you all  and think of you often.

love Elder Stratton.

Monday, August 18, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 66 Maio Island Transfers!

Hello from the Island of Maio!!!
18 August 2014

Well, this was a very good day.

   I was transferred to the island of Maio and I'm in the city of villa.  I'm with Elder Mc Kissick and I'm super excited to be here and it is really cool, cause this is a new island that was opened a few months back, so I'm one of the first here.  It's a super quiet and likable place and my house is like a beach house, so that's even better!!  ha ha  We are you only elders here on the island and then, we have some sisters, but it's just us 4!! 

   Well, last week was a good week, we found lots of new people and taught lots more than we had been in the last few weeks.  There will be some good people getting baptized in the next few weeks in that area!  It was sad to leave there.  I was in that ward for 8 months, so I knew every member and we just had a good friendship, but it will be super good here.  Hard, but good!

   Well, I think there might be someplace here, where I can send some pics home, so you all can see,  but I have to find it first. 

   Ha ha,  I just heard a county song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alan Jackson's Chattahoochee I think, ha ha, made my day!! 

   Well, I love you all have a great day!!
 a very happy Elder Stratton!!

Monday, August 11, 2014


                                                            11 August 2014

Hello Family!!!

   Well this last week was a good week, we are working with a few families and getting them ready for baptism.  So we should be doing papers for them this week and getting them started on getting ready!!!  

   We just had the first rain last night which means is will be really muddy in our area from this point out!!!  So that should be fun. 

    Next week we have transfers and I don't know what will happen, but I hope I get moved to another island for my last few transfers!!  ha ha  But I'm happy and learning lots here, and feeling Heavenly Father closer to me everyday. 

    Niche will leave for America tomorrow, so that will be good.  We went and had lunch with her today, along with some other Elders that know her.  It will be really fun to see her and her family together in a few months!!  Oh! and her and Eric, her husband, are waiting for me and one other Elder to return to the states, so we can go through the temple with them and see them sealed!!!  I'm super excited for it!!!  And, it looks like they are seriously thinking of moving to Arizona!!!  YES!!  ha ha  It will be great!!  

   So I'm still in Praia in the area of Eugenio Lima and my comp is Elder White from New York.  But things are going well and I'm getting really excited for this next 4 transfers!!! 

   We went to go teach those 3 guys we found last week, but they were not there, so we will try again these next few days. 

   Well, that's about all that happened during the week.  I love you all and have a great week!!!

Elder Stratton

Monday, August 4, 2014


                                                                           4 August 2014

Hello Everyone!!!

Well, this last week was pretty good and we found some new people, 3 guys to teach. They seem to have lots of interest and I feel like they will progress good. They have dates for baptism in 3 weeks, so we will be working with them lots.

We will be having a Zone Conference this week and getting lots of new trainings from The Church. By the way, The Church is changing everything with missionaries here, it's cool to see.

Niche, my mission mom from Terra Branca, got her U.S. Passport this last week, so she will be going to the States soon with her family. It's super exciting, because she has been waiting for a while.

Well, time it up for the computer, so I have to go. I love you all and will have some members put pictures up soon for me.

Love you all!!

Love, Elder Stratton