Monday, November 24, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 80 Happy Thanksgiving!!

                                                         24 Nov 2014

Hello, Everyone!!

   This last week was super fun.  We had some great stuff happen here.  So, we started off the week slow, but on Wednesday, we were able to fly to Praia, (a long 7 min ride), then, we were able to have zone conference.  WOW, was it good! It was about consecration and how we can go and become closer to Christ, through giving him everything.  But how do we actually give everything, when everything we have is already his?  We are just renting it all!  Well, everything, but our agency, the only thing in this world, that He cannot take, but that he wants the most.  When we give that to him, we are really giving the gift we can.  It was such a great meeting and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It's amazing how the gospel helps us in ways that we don't even know, and how we are all prepared to receive things of God.  He lives and love us.  That's why we are here, so we can progress and become heirs to His kingdom.  I love what I do and I do what I love.
Love Elder Stratton
P.S. the volcano on the island of Fogo blew up, but we are all safe.  It shall be another fun week!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 79 What A Week!

                                                             17 Nov 2014

    Well, I have had a crazy week here.  So, we started off this week a little crazy.  Some people got offended because of some things that were said in church and wow, it really affected the branch.  Satan is really trying to get into this branch and destroy it.  So, we are really trying to give all we have to help the branch and keep it from falling apart. BUT, we are learning.

    I'm really learning about sacrifice, and I would like to share a few thoughts that i have had.  So we have been looking at talks of the apostles and profetas (prophets) about what it really means to give your all to God.  We all think that, oh, it would be hard to give your life for something, but I think it's the other way around.  It is harder to live this gospel, than it is to give your life for it. We are tried at every turn and given the chance to learn and grow or fail and try again.  Life is hard, but it is through the atonement of Christ, that our trials are made light and that we can have happiness.  Look at the talk by Elder Christoferson, from the CES fireside, in October.  He give us a real good look at how we can save our lives, by sacrifice and giving our all to the Lord.  We are here to learn and grow and it is though sacrifice that this is possible.

   I love this work and know that it is true. I know that the Lord lives and loves us.  I have felt his love and know of the love he has for all his children, and he wants all of us to feel that love.  It's our job to help them feel it and that is through us, inviting them to hear that word of God.  Remember, the love that we feel and give it to others. 

Love Elder Stratton

Monday, November 10, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 78 What A Good Week!

                                                          10 Nov 2014

     OK, so this week was full of tender mercies of the Lord.

     So, I will talk about some of them.  First, was that we had President Mathews and his wife come and visit us here on Maio.  Super nice!  We had interviews with him and learned a little bit more about what we can do better at and then, they left back for Praia.   The week went on and we couldn't find Cisse, who was going to be baptized on Saturday.  Then, Saturday afternoon he calls us and says, 'Elder, when am I getting baptized!?'  We were like, 'What the heck, is this real!?'  So, we talked to him and he was already had the interview, and he was baptized on Sunday morning in the ocean.  The baptism in itself is a story.

   We had one of Cisse friends do the baptism.   Well, he was super nervous.  THEN, he throws him in the water and just jumps away and says YESSSSS!!!  Well, we had to do it again and elder Camargo got in the water to help.  Ha ha!  It was super funny, so then after a few more time we got it.  All good, and then we all noticed that my name tag was gone.  Well the water took it and so we spent some time getting it.  So that was the best part of the week. 

    I hope you all know that miracles happen and that God loves us.

Elder Stratton

Monday, November 3, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 77 The Lord is Good!

                                                           3 Nov 2014

    Well, this week was a week of small miracles here in Maio.  We decide to go and see a reference, that we received.   They live in a place called Morrinho.  It's pretty nice there and we went and saw him.  He was super happy to talk and we taught him and he said, 'When can I get baptized?'  So, we marked him for a few weeks from now.  Then, he goes and asks if we want to talk to some of my friends here and we said, 'YES!'  and so, in the little time we were there, we were able to teach 4 guys, that live there.  It was so cool to see how the Lord prepares people to hear the truth and helps them accept it!

   Then, here in Villa, we are getting some guys ready to be baptized, so it should be good here in a few weeks!!  We sure are ready for them to be ready.  The Lord truly blesses his kids and we are lucky enough to receive those blessings.

   Have a great week and remember all the Lord has done for us all.

Elder Stratton