Monday, December 29, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 85 Hey!!

                                                           29 Dec 2014

Hello Everyone,

  Well, this last week was a fun one, being able to see some of you all, and man, am I excited for everyone!!! 

   But the rest of last week, was pretty normal.  We were able to go and teach a little more and talked to some members, helping people think about the reason for Christmas.  Nothing big, just simple things here and there.  

   But, it's good to know that the Lord has his hand in all things and He is always helping us out!!   I hope this is a great New Years' for you all and 2015 will be a great year!!!

love you all!!

love  Elder Stratton

Monday, December 22, 2014


                                                       22 Dec 2014

Well, Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas!!!!
   Well, this week was a kinda strange week.  So, we went to Praia for a meeting and well, we stayed there for 3 days.  So ya!  We had to stay there and we went by and saw a bunch of my recent converts, and man, they are doing great!
 There are some getting ready to go on missions and getting sealed!!!  Super cool!!!  But then, we made our 7 min flight back to Maio and we started to work and get things back up and running! 

    But that was this last week, and I hope you all have a great Christmas!! 

P.S. I will be sending a Christmas letter out on Thursday!!!

love you all lots!!!!

love Elder Stratton!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 83 I Want A Sandy Christmas . . .

                                                          15 Dec 2014

Hello Everyone!!!

   Well, this last week was a good week for us here in the middle of the ocean.  I will let you know one fun announcement, so yesterday (Sunday), Interpole was here on the island and arrested some Italian, that was apparently like the most wanted or something.  So, I probably said hi to him once or twice, fun stuff huh? 

   Well in other news, we are doing great here always learning.  This last week we had some good lessons and found some young men and they are fun to teach.  This branch here needs more boys to help out.  This last week, I was studying a talk by Bruce R. McConkie and it had something in it I liked.  It went like this, "if we can't follow God in the small things, then how will we ever follow him in the bigger more trying things?"  It's so true!  That the more we follow, the more chances we have to grow and do better.  This is the church of God.  He is our leader and if we follow, we will be blessed.  Jesus Christ is our Savior and the only way we can have salvation!!!

  I love you all and have a great week!!

love Elder Stratton

Monday, December 8, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 82 It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas at all my San Dunes . . .

                                                            8 Dec 2014

Hello family!!!
  Well this last week was good one and we had some great lessons.  So, this last week, we had the chance of talking to a new family, that we found, and man, they are cool.  The wife was asking us why there is death in the world and where we are going after this life!  We were just like, 'Well, as a matter of fact, we can help you with those wonderful questions!!!'.  haha  It was so good we had just a good old time, talking and learning with her and her husband.

   The teaching is going really good this week and was honestly one of the better weeks of this transfer.  We are doing good here and seeing small tender mercies of the Lord everyday.  The Lord truly blesses all his kids.  When we have trials, it is so we can grow and become better.  The Lord doesn't want us to just endure the trails, but to learn and grow, then we become better people as we do that and become more like Christ.  During this time of year, we need to remember the great gift that we have been given, that gift is Jesus Christ whose birth we celebrate at this special time of the year.  I encourage all  to visit the site 
watch the video, then share with others.  

   I love you all and have a great week!!!
Love Elder Stratton

Monday, December 1, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 81 Hello, Everyone!

                                                             1 Dec 2014

Well, Family it will be a shorter one, 

   This last week was a super normal week.  We really just taught and tried to find people.  I learned this week that the Lord will always do what's best for us, so that we can grow and become stronger.  He will never leave us even when everyone else does.  He is the only thing that never changes and and is always there for us.  His hands are always out stretched and ready to lift us up.  

   This is the little that I will write this week and I hope that we all learn a little from it. 
   I love you all and have a great week!!

love Elder Stratton