Monday, December 23, 2013

Mission Field: Week 32 Merry Christmas!!!

23 Decemeber 2013


By the way Sis. Turner is in my district and I have met every one of those other sisters.  It’s kind of weird.

So, this week we have had a great week and have been having loads of success.  We are going for 4 batizmos esta semana (baptisms this week).  It will be great and then I will tell you all next week, about some other stuff!!  But it’s a surprise! :)   Ok well I have to go but I will send another email Wednesday.

Merry Christmas!!

Love, Elder Stratton

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mission Field: Week 31

NOTE:  We just updated Elder Strattons blog from Week 23 to Week 31.  We have been having problems the last few weeks putting anything on.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Make sure you read all the letters.  Exciting things happened along with a miracle or two!!   Also, look for some new pictures (Picture tab) , Elder Stratton sent.

16 December 2013

Well Hello Family!!

  So this will be super short because I’m having some internet problems, but yaw.  So I wrote a nice big letter, but this computer is really dumb and got rid of it.

  Ok, so we have had a great week and I love my new area and companion, Elder Mercradi is the best.  We have lots of fun and we already have had 3 baptisms!!  I will talk more about them next week though.

  Ok, well I’m out of time again, I’m sorry this was short and I will fill you in about this last week next Monday.

  We are doing great here in Africa!! ;)

Love Elder Stratton

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mission Field: Week 30 Transfers!

10 December 2013

Well Hello Family:) 

   I’m not sure how long this will be....

  So this week was crazy.  So, I found out I was getting transferred half was through last week and so I was getting all packed and ready to go.  Then Sunday comes and we get a call and it says I’m leaving for Praia and I’m going to be District Leader with my comp.  So I was pretty happy and excited.  So then yesterday happened ha-ha... so we got up and did prep day sports with the other elders, and I was supposed to leave for the plane at 1:30pm and then I got a call that said the flight changed, its now at 4pm, so I was like ok, I have some time.  So at around 12:30pm I got another call and it said hey the taxi will be at your house in 10 minutes to take you to the airport and your flight change back to 1:30pm.  Man, so crazy and weird!! So I ran home and got ready to go in 10 minutes and we get to the airport and find out the flight got canceled.  Man, it was so funny.  The zone leaders were going crazy because of all the changes.  But we finally got to Praia and to my house and now life is great! :)  But it’s really cool because this is the only mission in the world you will fly for transfers!  So lucky!! Ha-ha  But yaw, it’s been really crazy and I love this place and what I do!

  Well have a great week and have lots of fun with Christmas prepping!!  

Love y’all!

Love Elder Stratton ;=

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mission Field: Week 29

2 December 2013

Well Happy DEC. and break out the Christmas Music!!!! 

  Well thanksgiving was good, we had rice and beans, but we will make up for it today, because we got some sword fish from some guy on the street!! Man it will be good!  Glad your thanksgiving was good and such.

  A new horse! What the Sam hill is going on there!  Ha-ha  I bet it was a surprise for her (Nakiah).  Gosh, ha-ha  That’s cool!

  So we had a good week this week.  We got Aritdson baptized, so that was the highlight of the week.  I will send some pics afterwards, but he is such a boss!  Gosh, he is great!  So we baptized him and after the baptism, he went teaching with us for the next 3 hours!!  He will for sure be a leader here in the church one day ha-ha  I feel so privileged to have been able to baptize him.  I’m so happy for him ha-ha, it’s cool. I love baptisms, they just help you remember yours so much more.

  And we started teaching some other guys yesterday, that’s a funny story. So we are walking and they are like ‘hey teach us’, so we go to their house and start teaching and they stop us in the middle of the lesson and say "Can we still be taught, if we are gang members?"  Man, they are members of a pretty big gang here and it was so funny, because we are like ‘Well yaw that’s what we do is teach’ and they are like ‘Yelp, we are going to get along just fine’ :) and then they promptly told of that if anyone tries to rob us, just tell them and they will get all the stuff back for us.  Ha-ha, so cool :) and then one of them told all the other gang members to keep an eye out for us and if we need help to help us.  Ha-ha  Man it was cool, but I think we will baptize them in 3 weeks :)  I’m happy, but that’s life for us right now :)

Have a great week and I love you all!!

Love Elder Stratton, from the best mission on earth!!!