Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mission Field: Week 30 Transfers!

10 December 2013

Well Hello Family:) 

   I’m not sure how long this will be....

  So this week was crazy.  So, I found out I was getting transferred half was through last week and so I was getting all packed and ready to go.  Then Sunday comes and we get a call and it says I’m leaving for Praia and I’m going to be District Leader with my comp.  So I was pretty happy and excited.  So then yesterday happened ha-ha... so we got up and did prep day sports with the other elders, and I was supposed to leave for the plane at 1:30pm and then I got a call that said the flight changed, its now at 4pm, so I was like ok, I have some time.  So at around 12:30pm I got another call and it said hey the taxi will be at your house in 10 minutes to take you to the airport and your flight change back to 1:30pm.  Man, so crazy and weird!! So I ran home and got ready to go in 10 minutes and we get to the airport and find out the flight got canceled.  Man, it was so funny.  The zone leaders were going crazy because of all the changes.  But we finally got to Praia and to my house and now life is great! :)  But it’s really cool because this is the only mission in the world you will fly for transfers!  So lucky!! Ha-ha  But yaw, it’s been really crazy and I love this place and what I do!

  Well have a great week and have lots of fun with Christmas prepping!!  

Love y’all!

Love Elder Stratton ;=

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