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The Name Tag (Now in Portuguese!)

The District posing with the world famous MTC Map

Portuguese Flag

The Man Himself


The District

Posing for Pictures

The four letter word, SNOW!

Flowers for Mom

Flowers for Mom

Flowers in B&W

See what the MTC food does to you!
(just kidding, District Sisters having fun!)

    Elder Stratton and I, (mom), were emailing back & forth, on May 3rd and all the sudden this 'live' picture pops up and I was startled, because I knew he was not to be video chatting.
   For a moment, I underestimated him.  It was good to see him, even if it was several minutes later on video.

If the Mother's Day pic was not enough on the
main blog, this was even better!!!
He knows I love Tulips!!!

I could have not asked for a better Mother's Day!
He made me cry again!
What a wonderful son!

The Cape Verde Crew!
May 13, 2013

The following pictures were taken, by Caleb,

Caleb's prep day at the Salt Flats in Sal, Cape Verde

Salt Flats, Sal, Cape Verde

Salt Flats, ocean in back ground.

Salt Flats

Atlantic Ocean, Sal, Cape Verde

"Yes, we did parkour all the way down."

"Us on the only green stuff here and its like a foot deep.
We did flips and cart wheels and loads of other stuff on it",
Elder Gilbert  pictured.

Streets of Sal

"Typical streets of Sal"

Caleb wore his orange tie on June 1st,
Kaylee, (his sister) gave him,
 in honor of her wedding.
All the boys wore the same tie that day.


Mission Field:  Week 6

"This is Zulu he is really cool."

Having  Fun!!!

no caption sent 

no caption sent 

Ship in Mindelo

"US Air Force plane. :)
It made us really happy! :)"

"This is cereal boxes we made into a robot."
(We are so happy that Elder Stratton
is learning new skills!!)

Elder Stratton, Cloudia, Armanda
and Elder Gilbert

Elder Gilbert, Cloudia
 and Elder Stratton

Cloudia being baptized.

The following is a conversation, (in part), between Elder Stratton
and his sister, Nakiah, Monday, June 24th,
when they both were on the email at the same time.
(about the picture above)

Nakiah:  Was the water cold?
Caleb:  Nope, it was really warm :)
N:  Could you see the fish swimming below you?
C:  Yup, we could :)

He also said:  
Mindelo is a lot like Portugal, but no McDonalds :(
(We feel so sorry for him) :)


Mission Field: Week 11

Elder Gilbert, Jose
and Elder Stratton

Elder Gilbert, Jose and Elder Stratton

Elder Gilbert at Ward Night

Elder Taylor (my new companion)
and Elder Stratton

"This is some food we made
its like banana things.
They are good."

They are called Fiejos.
(Fried Bananas)


Mission Field: Week 12

This is the beach in Santa Maria. 

Beach in Santa Maria.   

This is an omelet in Santa Maria.

Elder Taylor


Mission Field: Week 13

Streets of Sal, Cape Verde

Streets of Sal, Cape Verde


Mission Field:  Week 14

Pictures are of a bar in our area that's pretty cool.

All the islands of Cape Verde.
Sal is upper right.

Our island, Sal.
We are right in the middle.

Close up.

Close up of seagull and beach.

Another close up.


Mission Field:  Week 15


This guy just parked in the middle of the road...


Mission Field:  Week 16


Rolls Elder Stratton made.  YUM!


A pretty cool looking house.


Elder Tayors Birthday!
 And the cake i made him:)


More cake!


Mission Field:  Week 21 Transfers!


Elder Stratton with his
new companion, Elder Martinez,
in Mindelo, Praia


"What I wake up to everyday now!"

Mission Field:  Week 23

Alma 26:35 & 36

Now have we not reason to rejoice?  Yea, I say unto you,
there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we,
 since the world began; yea, and my joy is carried away,
 even unto boasting in my God; for he has all power, all wisdom,
 and all understanding; he comprehendeth all things,
 and he is a merciful Being, even unto salvation,
 to those who will repent and believe on his name.

Now this is my joy, and my great thanksgiving;
 yea, and I will give thanks unto my God forever.

(This is the scripture Elder Stratton wants on his missionary plaque,
that will hang on the wall at church.  When he returns back home,
 at the end of his mission, he will then be presented the plaque. 
Below, the top picture, is what will also be on it.)

View photo in message

High on the Mountain Top!

Elder Stratton overlooking the city of
Mindelo in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde.

View photo in message

Elders Martinez and Stratton 
over looking Mindelo, Sao Vicente
Cape Verde

(Mom really likes both of these pictures)


Mission Field:  Week 26

Drinking Cider!

The guy we are teaching on the street
 and they guy who sung to us!


Mission Field:  Week 29

My District

2 Cool Elders!

My MilkyWay from America!!!


Mission Field:  Week 30

(Again, Mom really likes these pictures!)

Elder Stratton 
over looking Mindelo, Sao Vicente
Cape Verde

Doing Well in Cape Verde!


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