Monday, December 16, 2013

Mission Field: Week 31

NOTE:  We just updated Elder Strattons blog from Week 23 to Week 31.  We have been having problems the last few weeks putting anything on.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Make sure you read all the letters.  Exciting things happened along with a miracle or two!!   Also, look for some new pictures (Picture tab) , Elder Stratton sent.

16 December 2013

Well Hello Family!!

  So this will be super short because I’m having some internet problems, but yaw.  So I wrote a nice big letter, but this computer is really dumb and got rid of it.

  Ok, so we have had a great week and I love my new area and companion, Elder Mercradi is the best.  We have lots of fun and we already have had 3 baptisms!!  I will talk more about them next week though.

  Ok, well I’m out of time again, I’m sorry this was short and I will fill you in about this last week next Monday.

  We are doing great here in Africa!! ;)

Love Elder Stratton

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