Monday, October 28, 2013

Mission Field: Week 24

28 October 2013

Well this was a good week!

We had a really good week this week and had lots of fun teaching.  We should have 2 batizmos, (baptisms), next week so that’s great!

We made it through transfers, so that’s good!  We taught some guy this week, he is really interested, but before we got his name, he got up and left!  We were like ‘What the heck?  What just happened?’  Makes time fly here, on the mission and life just goes on.

It’s really nice here, I love Cape Verde and I’m really happy with what I do.  I know this is the best way to help others.

Sorry for this being so short.  The computer turned off and didn’t keep my draft!  So that’s the way it goes I guess. 

Love you all and talk next week!

Love, Elder Stratton

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mission Field: Week 23

Hello Fam,

Well this week has been a pretty hard week and such.  But, we are doing good here in Mindelo!  

OK, so our investigators are doing well, but we did have a sad thing happen this week.  We are teaching a family and we came one night and we found out the boyfriend beat her that day.  But they are staying together.  So sad, because she can do so much better, but that’s the way life is over here.  And missionaries can’t do anything about it.  But, we are doing the best we can, finding new people and stuff.  So, we should have 1 person ready for baptism this next 2 weeks.  We are trying really hard with them.

I hope things are going well for you all and I’m happy for everything that’s going on with you all.  Well, have a great week.  This next week I will send a better e mail.  Its transfers this week, so we will see what happens!

Elder Stratton

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Mission Field: Week 22

Well Hello Everyone!

   Mindelo is really cool.  I love it here.  It is a little harder than Sal, but I’m looking forward to it here!  The training is going really well and we are both learning lots.  The teaching is harder, but we are doing good on it.  We walk lots here in Espia, but I get to see lots of pretty things and meet tons of amazing people.  So, it’s all good!  

   We are teaching a few people right now.  One is a guy that just got out of jail and wants to change his life around; then, we have Alexander, he has been taught everything and he likes it all, but he won’t come to church; then, we have a family and they are cool.  We just started teaching them this week, so we will see how it goes.  It’s going great here.  I love what I do and why I do it.  

 I love you all.  I know without a doubt this is the true church.  I've seen miracles and blessings from the Lord every day.  I know the Book  of Mormon is true and by reading it, we can build our testimonies.  Well, have a great week and I love you all!!

Love, Elder Stratton

Monday, October 7, 2013

Mission Field: Week 21 Transfer!!!!

Well, Hello Family!!  Well, this has been a week!

So, it started off normal and all, then, Wednesday came and my world went upside-down.  I got transferred in some special transfers, so now I’m training in the city off Mindelo, (Sao Vicente) and I white washed the area, so this will be a really fun transfer and such.  But, I don’t have much time and I’m just getting settled into the new area and getting everything going and done.  But I shall give you much more info on this place, next week in another letter.  By the way, Conference was really good and I can’t wait to hear it in English!!  So, the Church is true, the Gospel blesses lives, and life is always great, if we look for it!!

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Stratton

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