Monday, November 11, 2013

Mission Field: Week 26

11 November 2013

Whelp this week was crazy!

  So, we started the week off really nice.  We were working good, getting lots of lessons and new investigators and such and then, the last 2 days happened.

  So first thing, I had the best clam in the world yesterday.  So good and tender and everything and no sand.  Yaw it was good.

  Then on Saturday, we went to a less actives b-day party, ha-ha, man is was so cool, I will have to show you all what they do when I’m back, but we had fun and got some work done.

  Then yesterday night, we were sitting on a curb teaching and some drunk guy comes and starts talking to us and we are like ‘hey voce precisa a sair agora’ (‘you need to leave now’) and he looked at me and said ‘I want to fight you’ in English.  Ha ha-ha  We are like ‘WHAT????’  ha-ha and he took a step for me and some guy on the street came, picked him up and said ‘Dont touch Elders!’.  Ha-ha, it was sooooo funny, but, then we were still there talking a little latter and another drunk dude comes and is like ‘I want to sing to you’ and we are like ‘OK!  So he started and he was sooooo bad!
Ha-ha We sat there laughing at him and he laughed to.  But he was so loud and we are right next to an open window.  The owner comes out and says ‘Cala Boca’ (Shut Up), to him.  The drunk guy stops and just starts swearing in English at him and we are like, "Is this happening right now"??  But, yaw, funny stuff.

  We had some weird things happen this week and some really cool stuff happen too, but that’s for another time.  Hope all is well for you guys and you’re doing good.

Well, have a good week!! 

Love Elder Stratton

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