Monday, September 16, 2013

Mission Field: Week 18

Well it has been a fun week!

  Well, Elder Taylor and I are having lots of fun here in Sal and the work, its going great. We are finding new people all the time and are expecting a wedding this transfer, so I’m pretty excited!  We plan on getting lots of dates marked this week and working with the branch to help it grow.  I’m glad I’m able to be here and help these people!

  In other news, well there isn’t really anything else so it’s kind of slow.  So, the cinnamon rolls were really good and everyone loved them, ha-ha, that’s all we ate for 3 days, so we have put on a little weight :)   So, we are going running tomorrow, it will be fun.

  I hope everything is going well for you guys!  I love it here!  It’s so cool and I’ve gotten to grow so much.  It’s amazing how when we let everything happen and look for the good, how much we can learn.  We may not see the big picture, but we have someone guiding us that does and that’s all we need.  Well, have a good week and I love you all!!!

Love Elder Stratton

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