Monday, February 23, 2015

MISSION FIELD: Week 93 Ha Ha Surprise!!!

                                                             23 Feb 2015

Well Hello, everyone I hope all is going well!!

   Well, this last week was super good.  We had carnival and a ward party, it was super good.  It was a good learning week too!!  I learned how to listen to the spirit better and how to receive inspiration.  It is great, in the mission, you learn so much. 

   One miracle that happened this last week, was that we had 8 investigators in church and they are a progressing for baptism!!!  I love it!  It's the Lord blessing this place and He is doing it so much now!!! 

   But other than that, life is going good.  We are  meeting new people all the time and they are doing well and wanting to know truth.  It is interesting that, no matter how well put our words are, it doesn't make a difference.  The Spirit testifies through truth and simpleness.  If it isn't simple, its harder for the Spirit to talk and we all need more simple lives!!  But the Lord is helping us all realize what is important for us. The work is moving forward and nothing can stop it.

love Elder Stratton

Monday, February 16, 2015

MISSION FIELD: Week 92 Hello, Again!!!

                                                            16 Feb 2015

Well Family, 

  Here in Tarrafal, the Lord is blessing us lots and we are very thankful for it.  We are finding so many people and it's cool, 'cause you can see that the Lord has prepared for us to teach.  We have been so blessed.  

  We found this one lady and she was happy to listen and then at the end of the lesson she said, 'I have never been baptized, but if I get a response, I will in the Church of Jesus Christ!!' Man, it was nice!  

  But I have to go now, I love you all and am grateful for you all in my life!!!  I
love you all and see you soon!

love Elder Stratton!

Monday, February 9, 2015

MISSION FIELD: Week 91 Tarrafal!!!!!! Yep, I Made It!!

                                                            9 Feb 2015

Olá Família, (Hello, Family)

Então, (And so,)

  I was thinking how its easier to do this, in my native language that i learned here, but then I thought, 'Well, they can't understand', so well, it's in English.

  But I made it it Tarrafal!!  Well,  I took off from the airport in Maio and when we got up in the air, well it, (the pilot), didn't go the right direction.  We went over the island of Santiago and to the island of Fogo.  Well, we all got off the plane and we were like, 'Well this is not Praia...' but 3 hours later we were back on the plane (by the way, I was alone this entire time), and got to Praia, found a car that would take me to Tarrafal and after a really pretty drive, (3 hours), I finally got there. 

   This place is super nice, I love it!   So many people to talk to and they want to talk to you!!!  It's great!!!  But, the area is just waiting for growth and I know that we can do it this transfer!  It's such a good place.  I am lucky to be here and to have the trust of the Lord!!  I know this is the true church and that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings happiness!!

   I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!!

love Elder Stratton

Monday, February 2, 2015

MISSION FIELD: Week 90 Transfers!! Tarrafal!!!

                                                                 2 Feb 2015

Boa Tarde Família!!! (Good Afternoon, Family!!!)

   This last week was good.  It was a little slow, 'cause we had, like 5 people die here, so everyone was in the outer cities.  But, we did find some really cool people to teach.

    I will be transferred to another island, (Praia) and to the city of Tarrafal.  It is known for its pretty beaches, so that will be nice there.  It is also part of the new District the have in Assomada, so it will be fun to help the area grow and become better!!

   Elder Camargo also went home this week.  He is one of my good friends here in the mission, so it was sad to see him go, but he will have fun!! The mission is the best thing anyone can ever do, it will change the life of others and yourself.  It's worth it.

love Elder Stratton

Island of Praia
Tarrafal is at the top, left.

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