Monday, July 15, 2013

Mission Field: Week 9


  Well I'm excited!  Eden is a good name :)

  Well, this week has been pretty normal and life is good. :)   We are still teaching a lot!   Well, Santa Maria was fun and we had some good food there.

  Wow Eden is cute:)   ha ha   I still can't get over it:)

  This might be a short letter this week, but I cant think of what to write.   We got hair cuts today in an old fashion barber shop.   They shaved us with a straight blade and cut just like the old fashion movies.  It was cool.  Well, I think we will shop today and rest.   Hope everything is going well at home!

love Elder Stratton

ps. fogo e sabe e amo voçes e ten e bom dia hoje! i love portugese:)

PS: Stay cool, know that I love you and try to have a good day today.  I love Portuguese :)

PSS:  Our daughter, Emily and husband, Bryan, delivered our first grandchild to us yesterday morning.  Everyone is doing well! 

Eden Mae
14 July 2013
6lbs 9.2 oz.
19" long

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