Monday, July 1, 2013

Mission Field: Week 7

Well, Hi Again Familia!!:)

  Ok, so this week was a pretty good week nothing crazy, but we had fun:)  We taught a lot and that’s about it.  Nho (Mance), and Armanda did feed us yesterday though! It was good!  Nho is a fisherman, so he brought home some tuna and we had tuna with potatoes and rice!  Really good!   

  Well we got Elder Camarrgo as our new house mate. He’s cool.  He is from Brazil.  We have lots of fun with him. :) and he has tons of fun with us ha-ha.  We found a place in Santa Maria that has Oreo milkshakes, so we are going to get those today!  

  President Olivera, (mission president), is coming to Sal in a week or two, so that will be cool.  We are happy for that :)  Other than that, stuff life is pretty normal.

  Still getting over the fact I won’t have a good hamburger for 21 months, but they say the wait just makes it better so I’m looking forward to a REALLY good hamburger when I’m back ha-ha. :)  The papaya is coming on so we can start getting that soon.  We have mangoes right now and pineapple. The fruit is usually really good here, so I’m happy for that.  I got Noah’s letter back so I’m sending it off again.  But, ya life is good here and I can’t wait to see what the other islands are like!

Well boa sorte and have a bom dia!   (Well good luck and have a nice day!)

Love Elder Stratton 
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More of our conversation this morning through emailing:
MOM(M):  So, what new happened this last week?
ELDER STRATTON(ES):  Oh, nothing much just another week, so its fun!  I went to the beach that was cool !:)
M:  What did you do at the beach?  What did you see?
ES:  Well, we were doing service and cleaning up trash, and it was really hot..... the beach we cleaned up is where the sharks have there babies, so that's cool.  We didn't see any sharks though. 
M:  What is the beach called?  To bad you did not see any sharks FROM SHORE, :)  Do they have their young near the shore then?
ES:   I don't know if they have their kids near the shore...
        M:  Hey, what was the name of the gal that got baptized?  Was that her mom in the pic?

         ES:  Cloudia and yes, her mom is Armanda.

M:  It's good to put a face to the name. 
 M:  Noah wants to know what you eat besides rice and beans and fish?  
ES:  Noah, I eat popcorn, fruit, and whatever else i can find that looks good. :)   The juice here is delicious.
M:  Your letter just came through.  So, Pres. Olivera is coming, that is exciting?  Will all the missionaries on the island have a conference with him?  / Noah wants to know if the water is really orange?  /  Wish I had some juice right now, I'm jealous!!
ES:  No, he is coming to start a branch. / The water is orange in Praia, but pretty nice here, we still filter it though.  / There are 8 missionary's on this island, so we will all see him
M:  So, is Elder Camarrgo going to be getting a companion?  /  Sorry about the burger, (see WEEK 7 above).   /  Was the right address on Noah's letter?  Why do you think it came back?
ES:  No, he is Elder Bruce's comp.  /  It was my fault on something though, so I will send it again.
M:  Does Elder Bruce live with you guys?  How many are in your apt?  /  Is the new branch in your area?  
ES:  Yes, he does and 4.  Hey, I have to go, love you all!
M:  We love you too, Caleb.  Have a good week!

love, mom :)
ES:  OK, bye love you all:)  Have a good week:)  More next week!
M:  We will be here!  Maybe you will be Uncle Caleb, too!!!   love, Mom :)~

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