Monday, July 29, 2013

Mission Field: Week 11 Transfers, Baptisms and Pics, Oh My!!!

Well, this has been a week....

But it has been soooooo good!  So we got José baptized and it was sooo cool!  He has such a strong testimony and his conversion it amazing, just a golden guy!  

We also had some early transfers this week and I now have Elder Taylor.  He is a pretty cool guy and he teaches really good!  I think we will have lots of fun!  Santa Maria got opened up this week, so we have elders there now which is shiky!   Nho e Armanda (Mance and Armanda), are still working on papers, so it’s a process...

Noah’s letter should be coming in 1-2 weeks.  I found out they have a mail plane that takes everything over so his letter is still in Praia :(  But I heard it leaves today, so that’s good! 

We have Simony, which we are teaching, he is 18 and he is really interested in the church!  We had a really spiritual lesson with him the other day.   We marked a date for baptism, so we will see how that goes :)

It sounds like you guys are having lots of fun at home and have fun at Tim McGraw! (Noah won tickets this past week to his concert in August). That’s pretty cool!

I know this church is true and that the Lord loves all of us.  When we need help he is right there for us!  We just have to ask!  Well life is good and the church it true.

love Elder Stratton

DSCN1165.JPG     Elder Green, Jose and Elder Stratton

PS:  We put more pictures and videos under the 'Pictures Tab'.  Scroll all the way to bottom to 'Mission Field: Week 11'.

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