Monday, July 8, 2013

Mission Field: Week 8

Well Hello Family! 

  This week we had another normal week here in Cabo Verde!  Elder Camargo is teaching me how to speak Brazilian Portuguese, so that's fun, but other than that, nothing has changed.

  We have a batizmo (baptism) on Salbado (Saturday), so that's fun. :)   A kid named Mario, he is 14 and hes is pretty fixe. (cool) :)

  Well I have to go.  We are headed to Santa Maria today!  (Santa Maria is on the South end of the island of Sal).

  I know the Gospel is true and Joseph Smith is a true prophet.  If you want to know, you can find out for yourself, by reading the Book of Mormon.  It is the most correct book on this earth and it is either true or its not,  that is the only 2 options.  All you have to do to know is read and pray about it and you WILL get an answer.  If you already know, do it again!  Reconfirm your knowledge.  I know Heavenly Father lives and loves all people here on earth, no matter who they are.  I love this Gospel and Jesus Christ. 

  Have a good week and remember, I LOVE YOU ALL :)

Elder Stratton

PS:  I get one of the drinks every day!  They are so good.  :)

Conversation Elder Stratton and Mom had today:

Mom (M) :   Are you doing anything today? 

Elder Stratton (ES):  Going to Santa Maria for some lasagna and sleeping.

M:  Have you been pretty tired?  Just from tracking?

ES:  We don't tract at all.  We are a completely referral and reference mission.  I have never knocked on a door that I don't know who lives there.

M:  That's interesting!  Do you get a lot of referrals?  Is it the same on all the islands?

ES:  Yes, we do mostly from members.

M:  So what do you do when you have down time?  Are the lot of referrals?

ES:  We talk and teach members and lots of less actives.

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