Monday, July 22, 2013

Mission Field: Week 10

Hello Familia!!

  Well this week has been lots of fun and we got lots done!!  We are teaching Nho e Armanda (Mance and Armanda).  We are just waiting for Nho's (Mance's) papers to come through, so they can get married.  Then, we have Jose he is a golden guy!  We went through all the lessons and he accepted everything and will be baptized on Salbado (Saturday).  So that will be really cool.   Next, we are really trying to get inactive members back to church so we have 15 of then we visit and teach and help out.   They are all so different its really cool! 

  So the culture over here is a mix of deep Africa and American.  The people love America, so they play music all the time and they play it sooooo loud!   We have lots of people that sell stuff in the streets and fishing trucks are everywhere.   There are women that walk down the street with stuff stacked on their heads, all the time, so ya, you get the picture, it's fun.

  Ha ha funny story, we went in a little shop to get some drinks and as we were in there, we realized it was a bar!!!  Ha ha, sooo funny!   We are just like "all man, this looks really bad!".   But it was OK:)   We shop all over the place.  I will send some pictures of the shops next week, but its cool!   

  We have a church building, it's rented and 3 stories tall, but its really nice!   Oh, and I found out that I live in the best house the mission has.  The only one better is presidents house, so that's cool:)

   By the way, if you plan or are thinking about serving a mission, know 'Preach My Gospel'.  (This guide helps missionaries learn about service).  It is so important in missionary work.  Also, know the scriptures and get used to being tired.  You will be that way for 2 years. :)

Well,  I know this Church is true and I love this Gospel.  We can learn so much just from reading the scriptures and our lives will change for the better, the more you have the desire to do good! 

Well, I have to go, so have a good week and do a good turn daily!  ;)

love, Elder Stratton

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