Monday, August 25, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 67 - First Week on the New Island!

                                                                 25 August 2014

So, this is the only letter I'm sending for everyone this week.

    Maio is Catholic.

    And when i say that, I mean slam the door in your face and tell you never to come back.  Yup, that was my life for the past week and it was awesome!!!  ha ha  I love it here.

   So, teaching is a lot slower here than any other island.  They had some parties on the beach this last week and because of that there was nobody home from 4 until 8 pm, so it was hard to teach here, but it ended this last week and I think it will be all good now, but we will see!!  

   Also, the Zone Leaders will be coming here this week, so we should get 2 times the work done which is great!! 

   Well, I'm still trying to find a place to send pictures at, but until then, I love you all  and think of you often.

love Elder Stratton.

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