Monday, August 11, 2014


                                                            11 August 2014

Hello Family!!!

   Well this last week was a good week, we are working with a few families and getting them ready for baptism.  So we should be doing papers for them this week and getting them started on getting ready!!!  

   We just had the first rain last night which means is will be really muddy in our area from this point out!!!  So that should be fun. 

    Next week we have transfers and I don't know what will happen, but I hope I get moved to another island for my last few transfers!!  ha ha  But I'm happy and learning lots here, and feeling Heavenly Father closer to me everyday. 

    Niche will leave for America tomorrow, so that will be good.  We went and had lunch with her today, along with some other Elders that know her.  It will be really fun to see her and her family together in a few months!!  Oh! and her and Eric, her husband, are waiting for me and one other Elder to return to the states, so we can go through the temple with them and see them sealed!!!  I'm super excited for it!!!  And, it looks like they are seriously thinking of moving to Arizona!!!  YES!!  ha ha  It will be great!!  

   So I'm still in Praia in the area of Eugenio Lima and my comp is Elder White from New York.  But things are going well and I'm getting really excited for this next 4 transfers!!! 

   We went to go teach those 3 guys we found last week, but they were not there, so we will try again these next few days. 

   Well, that's about all that happened during the week.  I love you all and have a great week!!!

Elder Stratton

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