Monday, August 18, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 66 Maio Island Transfers!

Hello from the Island of Maio!!!
18 August 2014

Well, this was a very good day.

   I was transferred to the island of Maio and I'm in the city of villa.  I'm with Elder Mc Kissick and I'm super excited to be here and it is really cool, cause this is a new island that was opened a few months back, so I'm one of the first here.  It's a super quiet and likable place and my house is like a beach house, so that's even better!!  ha ha  We are you only elders here on the island and then, we have some sisters, but it's just us 4!! 

   Well, last week was a good week, we found lots of new people and taught lots more than we had been in the last few weeks.  There will be some good people getting baptized in the next few weeks in that area!  It was sad to leave there.  I was in that ward for 8 months, so I knew every member and we just had a good friendship, but it will be super good here.  Hard, but good!

   Well, I think there might be someplace here, where I can send some pics home, so you all can see,  but I have to find it first. 

   Ha ha,  I just heard a county song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alan Jackson's Chattahoochee I think, ha ha, made my day!! 

   Well, I love you all have a great day!!
 a very happy Elder Stratton!!

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