Monday, March 2, 2015

MISSION FIELD: Week 94 New Week!!

                                                                    2 Mar 2015

   This last week was super good.  I really liked it!!

   So, it was interesting to see how the Lord works with us and guides us with thoughts!  We found so many cool people!! and we were guided to find them, so I know that the Lord is helping us!  We had some good lessons and we are trying to have Jessica baptized this week. but we need her dad's permission, so we are working on that. 

  This next few weeks are going to be good weeks and I hope that we are willing to follow the Spirit very well and that we will be blessed for it.

  I know that this is the truth.  We are examples for the world, let's let our light shine, so the world can see who we truly are.  I love the gospel. it is the only way to bring happiness in our lives.  We are truly blessed to have it!!

love Elder Stratton

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