Monday, February 23, 2015

MISSION FIELD: Week 93 Ha Ha Surprise!!!

                                                             23 Feb 2015

Well Hello, everyone I hope all is going well!!

   Well, this last week was super good.  We had carnival and a ward party, it was super good.  It was a good learning week too!!  I learned how to listen to the spirit better and how to receive inspiration.  It is great, in the mission, you learn so much. 

   One miracle that happened this last week, was that we had 8 investigators in church and they are a progressing for baptism!!!  I love it!  It's the Lord blessing this place and He is doing it so much now!!! 

   But other than that, life is going good.  We are  meeting new people all the time and they are doing well and wanting to know truth.  It is interesting that, no matter how well put our words are, it doesn't make a difference.  The Spirit testifies through truth and simpleness.  If it isn't simple, its harder for the Spirit to talk and we all need more simple lives!!  But the Lord is helping us all realize what is important for us. The work is moving forward and nothing can stop it.

love Elder Stratton

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