Monday, January 20, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 36 Happy Birthday, Elder Stratton!

                                                                                    20 Jan 2014

Hey Everyone!!!

   Well this last week was super sick!  I have tons to tell you!! Well, to start off we started teaching a family this last week, they were actually a street contact, but anyway, we started talking to them and the first lesson was great!!  The spirit was strong and it was just great!  Then, they came to church with us yesterday and it was super cool.  The ward helped out a lot and really made them feel welcomed, so then, we marked to go talk to them later Sunday night.  So, we go and start talking and then we just stop and we are like, "Hey do you guys have a question for us?" and the wife, Patricia, goes "Yes, how many times do we have to go to church before we can get baptized?" And we are like, "Well you will have to get married first and then you can be."  And they are like, "Well, we have wanted to get married, but we just don't have money for it."  And we are like, "Well, we are happy to say you all will be getting married and baptized in 1 month!"  Super sick, I love this family!  They have started living the commandments from day one, giving up drinking and everything!!  Oh, and I get to be a best man at their wedding, so that will be great!!!  ha ha  But, they are really happy and excited.  It will be really cool!

   Then, we had Zenito and Melani baptized on Saturday and that was really cool.  I am super happy to be in this area at this time and we are about to have the ward split and get a branch in our area!!  We are just growing like crazy and it,s super fun.   We survived  transfers and we stayed the same, so we will have lots of fun this next transfer:)  I hope all is going well for all of you and you are doing good.  Remember  to have a great week!!

love Elder Stratton

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