Monday, January 6, 2014


                                                                                      6 Jan 2014

Hey guys!!

   Well, this week was really fun and we had lots of adventures.  Well, today we went to Cidade Velha and it was really cool!  I will try and get some pics off, but its hard.  By the way, it's the oldest city in West Africa.

   On Sunday, we had Carlos, from last week. get the priesthood and it was cool.  We got to help ordain him and then he got to ordain one of his best friend, so it was a good time for him and he is learning a lot.  He will also be able to baptize 2 of his friends and sister on the 18th,so its going to be very memorable for him and us.  But that is going to be really fun and we are excited for the next 2 weeks.

   New Years was great here, we had lots of fun and we are able to do lots of work in the last few days, so its all just happy!!   Well I have to go but have a great week!!

love a very happy Elder Stratton:

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