Monday, June 10, 2013

Mission Field: Week 4

Well, Hello from the great city of Espargos!!

   So, this week has been really good!  We are teaching around 4 families and we got 2 of them to mark marriage dates for us!  We have 7 baptism dates marked, they are all progressing very well:)  We are really excited for them!  Nho e Armanda (Mance and Armanda) are our golden ones.  They came to church 3 weeks ago and haven't stopped growing since then.  They are even going to institute!  They will be married on the 12th of July and baptized the day after!   They have come so far!  We gave them the word of wisdom lesson and the stopped smoking, drinking and everything else that day and haven't touched it since!

   I'm glad things are going good for you guys back home!  Glad Grandpa and Mikey had a good time.  Looks like you all had fun!  We are having fun here to!  Well, time is about up,so until next week later!

Love Elder Stratton

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