Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 2: MTC 2

Well Familia, it’s been a pretty good week here,

I'm glad you guys are doing good, life here is becoming a routine so it's easier, but harder at the same time. I found out that I'm the only Elder in the MTC going to Cape Verde right now, we do have 3 sisters though too. The language is coming along but it has its ups and downs. We had a really cool devotional on Sunday and the missionary media director come and spoke to us, the church is heavily invested into ads. They are starting a Mormon.org campaign in London right now and it is sooo cool to see what the Church is doing.

Tell the Heywood's yes i did get the jackets, and thank you soooo much! I got a letter from Bro. Miller and that was really nice. Have you guys put my email address up on Facebook and my blog? If not it's caleb.stratton6@myldsmail.net 

We are allowed to email anyone now, and even better we now have 60 min for emailing!!! The food here is getting old, we have the same things week after week. :P The ice cream is good though! It’s really fun here most of the time. We are washing clothes right now so I'm waiting on that. So from what I've heard I will fly out on a Monday or Tuesday to Atlanta, have an 8 hour layover and then fly straight to Cabo Verde (long flight), but we will find out if that's for sure in 2 weeks.

The MTC is packed. We got up at 4 am to wash and there are still lines. It’s pretty crazy really! This summer they are really worried about where everyone is going to fit. Well there's a line for the computer so I had better go.

LOVE you all and thanks for everything!!
Elder Stratton

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