Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 1: MTC 1

Ok so Tuesday is my p-day so that’s cool! Things are going great! So much has happened that I can’t explain! I will be here for 6 weeks so I will be out on the 14th or 15th of May.

I saw Cade Mortenson so that was cool.

I need some running shoes Kaylee knows the ones. I can wear the ones I have here; they don’t like the look of them. I need some pens and highlighters because those are really expensive here.

Can you put this email on my blog and Facebook? Tell people to “Dear Elder” that’s so easy and it’s fun to get letters!

Conference was good I liked Pres. Eyring's the best :) It’s really fun up here and am loving it! I gave a blessing the other day and the words to it just popped into my head it was so cool! The spirit is so strong here and everyone has a good attitude. My companions are elder D. and Elder K. They are pretty cool but I think I weird them out haha :) Our sisters are fantastic! We have us three boys and 8 sisters in our group so that’s kind of interesting I’m the only guy going to Cabo Verd but I have 3 sisters going with me as well so that’s fun. Everyone else is going to Portugal.
The language is going great we have taught 2 lessons in all Portuguese since we got here and its soooooo cool to speak.

We can’t call home for mother’s day so that’s a bummer :( but I can call from the airport and I can talk longer then! Send a calling card and that will help. They are really expensive here. I hope Chantille and Malin are doing good!  He can’t have too much fun with my gun though ;) Kaylee and Jacob sound like they are crazy as usual so that’s good. Hey Noah I hope you’re doing ok :) I love you and can’t wait till you get to go on your mission :) it is so cool! You are the best little bro ever and I love you SO much :) Nakiah I hope you are doing good to I hope track is good and school is to. I love you and remember who you are! It is so important in today’s world to remember that! I don’t know Emily’s email so if I can get that that would be nice. Mom I hope things are going well for you to and your shoulder is feeling better! I love you so much and thank you for all you do! Dad I’m so glad you taught me how to work it has helps soooo much! I hope work is going well and your body is treating you right. I love you :) oh and we can email anyone now so that is awesome! Say hi to the dogs for me! It’s snowing here and I don’t like it. It’s cold. Send a jacket if you can. The lightest thing you can find though. Tell everyone I’m doing good :)

Remember what Pres. Eyring said in his talk, that if I work hard and am obedient in the Lord's service our family will be blessed! Well I’m working as hard as I can so you should be getting some blessings coming your way! I know for a fact you will get some. I know Heavenly Father live and love us. He cares about our every need and will never lose track of us. Keep praying and studying the scriptures they hold gold in them. Time’s up so got to go.

I love you all and I’m so blessed to have a family like you all! Stay faithful and humble.

~Elder Stratton!!:)

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