Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 3: MTC 3

OK, so this last week was a crazy week.

So first are the bad things.  I got food poisoning.  Yes, it was horrible and no not because the orange juice. They had chicken that night and I woke up in the middle of the night, ran to the bathroom and puked.  (not a fun thing), so we went to the heath office the next day.  They said get in line and come to find out the cafeteria didn't cook a couple pans of chicken all the way through, so needless to say, they got a lot of people sick.  Now for the good news!!!!

So, we had devotional on Tuesday and for some reason our district felt like we should go get in line early :) Well, we got in line and we noticed they had security everywhere, so we are like, "oh that's Shicky" (slag for funny for you gringos), and so, our sisters had us elders run through the crowd and get 5th row seats.  Well, here's the fun part.  We were all sitting there and guess who walks it?!   Richard G. Scott!!  So, he was giving his talk on prayer and all the sudden he just changes his subject that he's talking about and starts talking about us and how we are called of God and he knows us and the Lord prays for us, (ya way cool I know!!).  So, then he give us a apostolic blessing that we will master our languages and he finishes up his talk. (So, here's the fun part!).  So, we sing the closing song and the sister goes up to pray and what happens?  Oh well, Elder Scott runs up to the pulpit, tells her to sit down and says " I need to tell you some more stuff" !!!  So cool!  So what does he say?  Well, he tells us that God knows each of us, that our calls are from God and we are a special section of missionaries and we have a great work to do that has never been done before on this earth.  He said we will find out what that is while on our missions.  Then, he blesses us again with another blessing and he ends his talk.  So, we pray and we file out of the building and our group goes to see him drive away.  Well, he waves at us and tells us he loves us, it was so cool!  BTW (by the way),  I will send the second letter to this later today.

Later . . PART 2:

Alright, so, that was the fun thing of the week, so it was cool:)  So, I'm glad thing are going well for you guys.  Things are going great up here too, life is pretty nice.  Well, the food is getting old, but that's why we go eat at the temple on P-Days! ;)   We are all learning the language pretty well and things are good.  So, I did find out that the course of my flight will probably be from SLC to Boston, an 8 hour layover there, then 10 hour flight to London, 8 hour layover there, then a 12 hour flight to Cape Verde.  Sad thing to hear about the Boston marathon.  What a horrible thing for people to do.
Eu se que Jesus cristo e nos redentator e salvador, eu se que o evangelho e verdadiro e espirito santo e deus mouthpiece por nos on terra mana eu nome jesus cristo amen.

(I know that Jesus Christ is the redemer and Savior, I know the Gospel is true, and the Holy Ghost is God's mouth piece for us on earth.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.)

love, Elder Stratton 

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