Monday, October 20, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 75 Well, One More Week Down... 5 months to go:)

                                                 20 Oct 2014

    Well, this last week was super busy here in the mission, full of stuff that we needed to do and teaching.

    So everything started on Monday.  I was walking in the road and some guy from the court came to me and said I was getting summons in court for something.  And I was like, 'What the heck!?'  So, we went to the court house and well, I found out I had to go see some judge about something.  They didn't say very much about it, so that night, I called up the Mission President and was like, 'I have to go to court for some thing', and he said 'Okay, I will call some lawyer in Germany'.  Then, the next day, I was talking to the lawyer and finding out what was going on.  I found out that it was about, when our house was robbed, they were starting an investigation about it.  I also found out that we have the best lawyer in Cape Verde, so I was happy, but it was all taken care of and I'm all good to go again!:)

   Then, at the same time that all was happening, I was trying to get all the stuff fixed for the old house we left.  What a mess!  So, some elder broke a tile on the bathtub and we needed to replace it.  So, I got a guy to replace it and well a little job turned into a big one.  Well, long story short, we replaced all the tile on the bathtub, 'cause it all started breaking, then,  we got the house cleaned and now its all out of my hands, thank heavens.  

   Then, we started our week and it went pretty good.  Found some new people and marked some dates for baptism including one Muslim!!  Super cool!  He changed lots and he wants to be baptized now.   

   I hope this week will be great and many miracles will happen.  I wish all of you a great week and remember that when we follow the commandments we are blessed.
love Elder Stratton

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