Monday, September 8, 2014


                                                  8 September 2014  

   Well hello family, I hope this week is a great week for you all!!

   Well, this last week for us, was a good week.  We had some good things and bad things happen here.  So to start off with, the good, we have been teaching this lady named Chuvinha ("Lil Rain" is the translation of her name), but, she is 73 years old and a boss of a lady!!  Man, so she was part of the Catholic Church for all her life, then they did something and she was like 'this is not true'.  So, we started talking to her and she is sooo cool.  She is like a grandma and she actually does keep her commitments!  It's sooo nice.  But the best part is that she went to church and she bore her testimony!!!  It was soo cool and I'm happy I got the chance to teach and help her!!  But then, the bad thing here, the Catholic Church had a huge party and got everyone here drunk.  So dumb. And so, lots of new members were at this party and they got drunk, so now we have loads of work to do, cause the members needs some help.

   So that was the week, oh and the other good thing!!  We got to start going to another city, that's near by, and start teaching people there.  It's super cool, cause we are the first Elders ever to go there!!  So, we have some good people we are working with there.  But this week will be great!!!!  I'm super excited for it.

  Well have a great week and I love you all!!!

Elder Stratton

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