Thursday, June 26, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 58 Back to Normal?

                                                                                  23 June 2014

    Well, this is the week.

    So much will change this week and and its getting kinda cool to watch.   So my comp goes back home on Friday and we get new mission president on Tuesday.  Lots will be changing and it will be fun I'm really excited.  But this last week was a pretty good week, we talked to some new families.  A guy named Alex.  He is super cool and we are lucky to have received him, he is super interested in The Church and he has came to see a baptism and he came to church with us, so it will be cool!  We had some trials this week, but I think they will be getting better now and man it's getting hot again. 

    Oh, so we went and did a service project at the mental hospital here in Praia.  Super creepy.  Didn't really know what to do, but we went and cleaned some fields, so they can plant food and such for the people.  Then, they had us go in and meet the people, ha ha, it was super funny, 'cause this guy that I taught, is in there and I saw him and talk, then asked 'Why are you here?' he said, 'Well, if I act crazy and stuff, then I will get sent here and it is all free here, so why not?  Free food!!!'  ha ha  By the way, he is completely sain and has no problems.  Then, Sunday we showed up for church and it was filthy.  So, we spent most of church cleaning, so it was a good week!

   Well, that's about it for this week.  Have a great week and we shall talk next week!!

love Elder Stratton

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