Monday, March 17, 2014


                                                                                  17 March 2014

   OK, I want you to know I forgot I hadn't sent this yet and I'm really sorry.   But this week has been great we are going to have a batismo this week and I'm really happy for it and ya once again I'm sorry this is short letter.  Next week I will send this one first.  Oh, and by the way see y'all in 366 days!!! ha ha ha  But no, really.....OK, got to go.  Love y'all.

love, Elder Stratton


   Well this week has been amazing and we are really lucky to be here right now.  Well, we had interviews with president last week and they were very nice.  Learned lots of stuff.  So, we found 10 new people to teach!!!   And how did we find them?  By sitting down and waiting on the street!!   Yup, it was great!!  One of them is a family that all live together and man, are they cool.  They have been to church before and they liked it, so that's really nice.

   Then, in district meeting we got a training about how to have more faith in our work and it was really nice.  

   Well, that is all that happened this week, so yup.  I know this church is true and that it is the only way to get back to heavenly father and I'm so grateful for the changes and trials I have had in my life, cause its making me into someone I never thought I could be.  I know the Savior lives and loves us and we are the children of God.  I know all this to be true. Oh, by the way, mom listen to this...

Have fun!!!

love, Elder Stratton

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