Monday, January 5, 2015

MISSION FIELD: Week 86 New Year!! (picture)

                                                                      5 Jan 2015

   Well family, happy to know the world didn't end with 2014!

   This last week was a good one we had New Years and, by the way, in Cape Verde, the day after New Years is the big party day.  Like the night of nobody parties, just the day after...strange.  Oh, and the tradition here, is that the night of the 31st, all the kids go in the street and go house to house asking for some change haha  like Halloween!!  But money!!

   We had the normal happen for the rest of the week!  And we marked a date for Sonha.  She wants to be baptized and she is trying to find a new house, so that she can because she doesn't want to marry the guy she is with.  So that was the good thing from the week!!  But have a great week and I love you all!!

Elder stratton

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Christmas party for the branch

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