Monday, July 7, 2014


                                                                                        7 July 2014

Well Hello Gent.

   So, this last week was a pretty good week.  My comp got sick for two days and then everything went well from that point on.  We met lots of new people to talk to.   Alex got marked with a baptism date for this Saturday and I'm super excited for it.  I have had good time with Alex and have enjoyed helping him become converted to Christ.  I love this people they are my family. 

   We had an even better day on Sunday.  Our branch was made into a ward.  Such a huge blessing.  It is now the 11th ward in the city of Praia and with that, it means that the stake will split soon.  The work in being hastened and if we don't keep up, the Lord will pass us by.  It's like the ten virgins. Keep the oil rollin' in that pot, 'cause we need lots of it.  Oh! and President Matthews is a man of God.  I'm super happy I get to serve with him and to have him guide us at this time.  The blessings will follow for righteous living and preparing! 

   Oh, and The Church is true!  Well that is my email for this week.  I hope you enjoyed it!! 

Elder Stratton

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