Monday, February 10, 2014

MISSION FIELD: Week 39 Welp, one more week here in the middle of the ocean.... and it still rocks!!!!:)

10 Feb 2014

   Well, I am now in a zone of Praia called Achadinha.   It's really close to my old area, but for us it's pretty far.  I am with Elder Araujo, he is from Brazil.  Its pretty fun here, I get to learn a little more on how to speak better, but it will be fun here.  Our area is pretty big.  To get to the back of the area, is like and hour and 15 min walk, so ya pretty big for us.

   We are working on building the inventory of people we teach, 'cause they were not teaching lots, but we do have some good people and it should give some great fruits here for this branch of the church.

   By the way, I will never live in apartments, when I come back home.  Super depressing. ha ha  Our house is just big enough to live in, its like 20 ft by 20 ft, but I guess it is better that living in a 5 x 10 house with 6 other people.
   We got some papers done for a wedding today and I am super excited for this wedding!  It will be super nice:)

   Welp, that's about all that has happened in the past week and that's a rap folks.  We are here every Monday, at the same time, so see ya next week on the Elder Stratton Show!!! (as you can see p-days are kinda boring) 

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love Elder Stratton

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